the speed of these men 30000 km/h

The zincate film contains the elements of Ni, Fe, Co, Sn.

These elements dispose of very good ferromagnetic properties and award a good supposition behave of following depositions.

Pulling up slowly 2 to 5 minutes.

Very thin film.

No "spongy" layers.

Cyanide-free or with cyanide.

Better deposition quality in the en bath.

Avoidance of formation of bubbles.

Good supposition of electrolytic copper, nickel, electroless pre-nickel.

For many aluminium alloys.


reaktions of aluminium in alkaline zincate solution :

Al + 3OH-        ---> Al(OH)3 + 3e-
Al(OH)3           ---> H2AlO3- + H+
Zn(OH)42-        ---> Zn2+ + 4OH-
Zn2+ +  2e-       ---> Zn° and
2H+ + 2e-        ---> H2
summery :
3Zn(OH)42- + 2Al   ---> 2Al(OH)4- + 3Zn + 4OH-

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