Abrasion test as criterion for the wear protection. Abrasion in mg per 1000 turns with a load of 10 N and CS 10 role.



For ductile high phos layers without heat treatment approx. 22 mg +/- 4. 

For high phos layers with heat treatment depending upon time and temperature approx.16 mg +/- 4.

P-poorer layers without heat treatment approx. 15 mg +/- 3. 

The same layers with heat treatment depending upon time and temperature approx. 10 mg +/- 4.  


Further model examinations shown by H.Simon and M.Thoma

Electroless nickel - tribologically characteristics of deposited layers


By tribologically characteristics understands with priority the friction and wear protection. Related to the evaluation the quality of en coats is in particular around testing methods to the determination of these characteristic functions in the framework from classified criteria. Such methods have themselves to that extent to receive worked satisfactorily, since it would last to for a long time, after years of practical application results.

Different wear mechanisms, like adhesion, abrasion, surface fatigue, oxide reaction arrears, can occur individually or paired.

For the determination of the wear protection of deposited en layers the Taber Abraser test is the probably most well-known. The most important wear measured variables are to find in the DIN 50321.  

Is expedient, if in the chain raw parts supplier - plater - user before together co-ordinated test sequences are specified.


Pin disk test

Same applies to the friction protection in connection with the determination of the coefficient of friction. For this among other things is the pin disk test particularly suitable.     






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