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Deposited layers : Depending upon type of bath the assessment of quality is the addition of desired and fulfillable properties. From therefore it it will give never overall estimates. However the requirements can be so different that it is necessary to specify the value of different characteristics and their examination between plater and user.

Among other things :

  • Layer thickness

  • Nonporousness

  • Appearance

  • Adhesion

  • Roughness

  • Hardness

  • Ductility

  • Wear 

  • Chemical resistance

  • Corrosion resistance

  • Internal stress

  • Phosphorus content

Factors of influence :

  • Condition, geometry and kind of the base material

  • suitable pretreatment

  • suitable en process

  • necessary electrolyte support forwards, during and after the coating

  • Equipment technology with consideration of necessary equipments  


A good way to work with : 




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Electrolyte conditions : Suppliers of en processes give in the form of data sheets some information for observance to different bath parameters.

  • Ni content

  • Reducing agent content

  • pH value range

  • Temperature range

  • Dosage of the regeneration chemicals - replenishment

Want these parameters under or exceeded to be able the layer characteristics to change.

Apart from the determination and correction of above characteristic data, which is held always in writing, the plater should determine also the deposition speed, mto number and any contamination.

A bath control book or however other forms of the documentation is recommended for reasons of the verification absolutely!    


If this " suit " has quality problems there are substantial difficulties.