some steps on the way to fly


Simple method: 

On a spring steel sheet metal approx. 20Ám are deposited electroless nickel. The layer can be taken off partly than foil. If a permanent magnet affects this foil and if the foil remains clinging, the coat is ferrousmagnetic. Natural are only a first rough estimate and nevertheless an interesting reference.    


Electroless nickel - magnetic and non-magnetic properties of deposited layers

Beside iron and cobalt nickel belongs to the ferrousmagnetic metals. These elements stand also therefore among other things in the periodic system next to each other. Kind and range of the magnetic size by ferrousmagnetic metals by hysterese loops is characterized - very complex measuring technique. Here exerts the inserted phosphorus content a substantial influence.

Ni-P-layers with < 10 % P are increasingly ferrousmagnetic with removing P content.

Ni-P-layers with > 10 % P are completely non-magnetic, which for coated surfaces in the range of the electronics industry of special value is. If HP layers are heated, result from the Nickelphosphide relocating ferrousmagnetic properties. 


... fly with or without magnetic fields ?

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