quantitatives measurement : Coil contractometer (N/mm2



      qualitatives measurement : 

  • boiling test

  • copper sheets method




Electroless nickel - inside stress of 

deposited layers


During the en deposition developing in the deposited layers in dependence of the bath type and the bath age, of the phosphorus content in the coating as well as of the basic material, macro and micro tensions. In the practice particularly the macro inside stresses are relevant.
The influence of the inside stresses onto the functional properties of a coating is known. So for example onto

  • adhesion

  • friction and wear protection

  • corrosion properties

  • solderability

It is distinguished between pressure and tensile tension and the first kind are considered HP layers to approx. 5 mto, the second kind for MP layers.

Quickly deposited electrolytes produce increasing tensile tension with higher pH values.


Experience one gives in the practice just to this property too little importance. The plater delegates from it resulting problems, as for example adhesion difficulties, to the product supplier. Unfortunately, stored cases have become such the "comfortable" method of approach, however, contains deficits which have already appeared in the approach of the procedure choice. All the more the technical discussion and the technical exchange is also asked here from the beginning.


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